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As I said, we didn't tackle anything big, but what we did made a huge impact. The first thing Mona mentioned once the move was official and she knew she needed to buy some new sofas for this living room was that she had always wanted a dark green velvet sofa. I immediately knew the perfect one for her and once those were chosen we just built the rest of the design off of the sofa.

For the rest of the room, we started with a fresh coat of warm white paint. Then, to bring in some colour and also make our cute coved ceilings more of a focal point, we painted the ceiling in a saturated coral colour.

Once we had the colour palette established it was easy to fill in the rest of the furniture. Some pieces I recommended, but a lot of them were picked out by Mona, which was a lot easier for her to do once she knew what to look for.

In the entry, we really wanted it to be an extension of the living room, since it leads directly into it, but also have it's own special feel. So we painted the door in the same coral as the living room ceiling and then made it such an amazing first glimpse of her home by using this wallpaper. 

Both spaces were finished off with a collection of vintage mirrors, art and furniture. It's truly such a comfortable, fun and inviting space, I really enjoyed pulling it all together.

What we achieved together

Mona bought this home just over a year ago. It was really appealing for its spacious yet still cozy layout, it was in a great location and had a beautiful backyard space. It didn't have a lot of character and had been painted throughout most of the living spaces with a kind of drab beigey brown colour. Luckily this was not a deterrant at all since we knew we could turn it into a cozy haven with some smart furnishings and some fresh paint.

Mona asked me to start with a living room and entry way design. She had previously moved from a smaller space so she knew she needed to purchase some new furniture anyway and we weren't planning to jump into any large scale renovations since everything is totally functional for the moment, so that's what we did.

Set the Scene

Living Room & Entryway

Hamilton, On


She has a warm, caring personality and really
does her best to listen to what you want but also push you to do things you might never have thought of.

“Rebekah was incredibly helpful. She has an innate eye for detail and is lovely to interact with.

Driegen Designs

Functional Interiors That Tell Your Story