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What makes Driegen Designs unique is my knack for seeing the potential even in tricky spaces. With a lifetime of experience in renovations, I’m bringing a boatload of know-how to each project. I offer guidance and support throughout the entire process, ensuring your project stays on track even when things get a bit chaotic. Your home is where memories are made, self-expression thrives, and comfort is found. Let me help you make it a true reflection of your style, one room at a time.

Driegen Designs is where you'll find your trusted sidekick in the world of interior and renovation consulting, dedicated to creating spaces that truly reflect your story. I believe your home should harmoniously blend style and functionality to enrich your daily life.

Here's what sets our work together apart: we're not just about making spaces look good; we prioritize functionality. I understand that your home serves a vital purpose beyond just looking good. To make design services accessible, I offer a flexible 'a la carte' pricing structure that lets you tap into my expertise by the hour. This means you're in control of your budget and can access reputable design services without breaking the bank. My design philosophy resonates with clients who appreciate sustainability, quality craftsmanship, and homes filled with vibrancy and significance.

Partnering with conscientious homeowners to create functional room designs that are good for you and great for your wallet.

Driegen Designs

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Have you ever worked on a home renovation project?
Then you know how stressful it can be! And if you haven't yet, then trust me, you are going to want someone knowledgeable and capable to guide you through it.

With a lifetime of experience in renovations and a passion for learning, I'm bringing a wealth of knowledge to every project. I've experienced personal DIY projects and large contracted renovations and know how hard and overwhelming it can be in either case!

I am here to ease that process, starting with making a solid plan before the job even begins. 

Throughout the project, I'm just a call or text away; whenever you second guess yourself and or feel like you can't make another decision, I cheer you on and keep you true to your plan, from the functionality of the space all the way to those beautiful finishes that genuinely make your home, YOUR home.

Designing spaces with intention is what I do best.

Hi, I'm Rebekah,

“I bought a new home just over a year ago. I loved the layout of the home but it definitely did not have much personality. I knew I wanted to be intentional with what I bought so that it would look beautiful but also last.

I love working with Rebekah for her ability to find many different options and ensure that I am getting the best fitting piece that also feels like home.

Rebekah was incredibly helpful because she has an innate eye for detail and is also a lovely person to interact with. She has a warm, caring personality and really does her best to listen to what you want but also push you to do things you might never have thought of. "

Hamilton, On


“We initially hired Rebekah to help us with our kitchen layout. She gave us some great ideas, and provided 3D modeling and guided all of our design decisions.

Working with Rebekah was a pleasure. She is professional and also a lot of fun. She really listened to us, and used her expertise and knowledge to guide our design decisions. 

She helped us save money in the long run – we would not have chosen so well without her help, and would definitely have made design mistakes along the way which would be costly to fix. ”

Burlington, On

Karen & Braden

“From the moment I saw Rebekah's design I knew I was with someone who was working hard to understand our needs as a family and my personal values of using what you already have or sourcing second hand.

She played a pivotal role in designing our main floor. Our original plan was to open the main floor and replace the kitchen using the original footprint of the previous kitchen. Rebekah took the time to talk to us about what was working and what was not in our previous kitchen and created a new design which did not change the cost of the reno but greatly increased the functionality of our kitchen space."

Hamilton, On

Lauren & Nick

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