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Have you ever worked on a home renovation project?
Then you know how stressful it can be! And if you haven't yet, then trust me, you are going to want someone knowledgeable and capable to guide you through it.

With a lifetime of experience in renovations and a passion for learning, I'm bringing a wealth of knowledge to every project. I've experienced personal DIY projects and large contracted renovations and know how hard and overwhelming it can be in either case!

I am here to ease that process, starting with making a solid plan before the job even begins. 

Throughout the project, I'm just a call or text away; whenever you second guess yourself and or feel like you can't make another decision, I cheer you on and keep you true to your plan, from the functionality of the space all the way to those beautiful finishes that genuinely make your home, YOUR home.

Designing spaces with intention is what I do best.

Hi, I'm Rebekah,

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