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The first major item we tackled together was the kitchen layout. They hadn't given much thought to it and figured they'd just replace what was there with newer cabinetry. I advised them that they had so many more options and created a much more functional space than they had previously that they could work in together and really enjoy as a family. It truly is the heart of their home now.

From there, we built a design that reflected their laid-back, comfortable style. The hardwood floors were refinished, giving us a beautiful foundation to work with.

With these elements in mind, we created mood boards where we could slowly add in different elements to make sure it was all cohesive, which became especially important as we were working on so many different spaces at the same time.

We wanted them all to have the attention to detail that they deserved. Keeping organized this way helped my clients from burning out from decision fatigue (and when they did inevitably experience some decision fatigue, I was able to step in and keep our focus and not let things slip through the cracks). It's a home that when you step into it feels cozy, personal and timeless and I am so honoured that I was able to be a part of it.

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What we achieved together

I was initially invited into this project to work on a mudroom. Lauren & Nick needed a space that was functional, could handle the day-to-day mess of their family with 2 kids, had plenty of space to stow away clutter behind doors and also act as extra kitchen storage for those lesser-used appliances.

Once I pitched them a design and they were happy with the work, they decided to bring me on for their much larger home renovation, which included the entire main floor (removing a structural wall, new kitchen/dining area/living room) and half of their second floor (new principle bedroom including an ensuite bathroom and new kids bathroom).

There were a lot of moving parts to keep track of, and they were feeling overwhelmed before the work had even started. They wanted a space that worked for their family but still felt true to their style and also wanted to keep or re-use quite a few elements from the existing space, such as the leaded bay window, hardwood floors and fireplace.

Set the Scene

From Consult to Full Home Renovation:
Mudroom, Kitchen, Dining, Living, Powder Room, Kid's Bath, Principle Suite + Ensuite

Hamilton, On

Lauren & Nick

She played a pivotal role in designing our main floor. Our original plan was to open the main floor and replace the kitchen using the original footprint of the previous kitchen. Rebekah took the time to talk to us about what was working and what was not in our previous kitchen and created a new design which did not change the cost of the reno but greatly increased the functionality of our kitchen space.”

“From the moment I saw Rebekah's design I knew I was with someone who was working hard to understand our needs as a family and my personal values of using what you already have or sourcing second hand.

Driegen Designs

Functional Interiors That Tell Your Story